Custom Firearm Services


General Gunsmith Services

We are able to do anything from simple firearms cleanings to the most complex jobs like live round extractions, pin and welding muzzle devices, and barrel threading. 

Firearms safety is our top priority, we offer an inspect of your firearms for safety and functionality.

Specialty Services

We offer custom gun builds to your specification. 

Our expert gunsmiths are great at tuning the 1911 and 2011 platform from fitting and tuning triggers to fitting new barrels.

Laser Engraving Services

We are experienced in ATF compliant NFA laser engraving for approved Form 1s.

We have a powerful fiber laser in house to create a one of a kind gun.

We can laser engrave more than just firearms.

Gun Cleaning

Our firearms experts will clean and conduct a safety inspection to ensure your firearm is performing at the best performance. We have Glock certified gunsmiths that will completely disassemble and clean your Glock pistol in under 1 hour. 

Sight Changes

The right tool for the the right job is critical and when it comes to installing your sights we have the right tools and the experience to get it done right. Trust us with you sight install, we do more than just Glock sights. We can install almost all sights out there to include fitting 1911 and 2011 sights.